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Again.. Google.. The Privacy Violator!!

13 Jun

I do not know if you heard about the new Google Accelerator†before,†it is†a software†that increases the Internet†surfing†speed as†Google claims…
But please look at these terms stated in the (terms and conditions and privacy policy) of the Google Accelerator:

  • Google Web Accelerator sends requests for web pages, except for secure web pages (HTTPS), to Google, which logs these requests.† Some web pages may embed personal information in these page requests.
  • Google receives and temporarily caches cookie data that your computer sends with webpage requests in order to improve performance.
  • In order to speed up delivery of content, Google Web Accelerator may retrieve webpage content that you did not request, and store it in your Google Web Accelerator cache.
    To learn more, read our Google Web Accelerator Privacy Policy (
  • Well… no comments… especially on the second one…!