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Do you trust google?!

29 Mar

Day-by-day I become more concerned about the growing influence played by google on us!! google knows every thing about us…

How many times do we google* the web a day?! what kind of stuff do we google?! and to what extent do our search queries reflect†who we are†and/or what we do?!

Google keeps huge logs about every little beace of information†it can absorbs!!..†why?!
Google insists on placing a lot of data in cookies stored in our machines!!.. why?!

I don’t want to mention how severe†and†privacy threatening are some†google services.. like for instance†”google desktop” or “google earth”…
I think we should take the google phenomena seriously!!


BTW, this is a very good and brief article written by Bruce Schneier on google and privacy:

* the word “google” has been added to the†most of English dictionaries as verb, and†it means searching the net using Google website!!



BS7799-3 Security Risk Management Standard Released

29 Mar

The new BS security standard, BS7799-3 has been published. This is officially titled “Guidelines for Information Security Risk Management“, and is intended to support the general ISMS standard, ISO 27001, which was published last year. “

The original article:

I think this one came out a bit late!