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Mafia’s boss encrypted messages using “Caesar”!!

24 May

It seems that the recently arrested “big boss” of Mafia used to encrypt his secret messages using “Caesar” cipher technique!!!
What a lame!!

In a world struggling in developing complicated cipher systems, studying the best hamming weights, building cryptographic oracles, testing the S-boxes…etc, the Mafia’s big boss chose to use Caesar!! Come on!

Not vigenere, not rows transposition, not playfair, not homophinc, not mores, not even simple substituation!! …. Caesar!! :mrgreen:
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Who Owns Your Computer?

24 May

Do you think that just because you bought your computer, you own it!?
Do you have the type of control over your computer that owners usually have over their owned stuff?!
Well, before you go farmusing.. I’d like torecommendreading this good article written by Bruce Schneier:
The Article