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Want to spy on someone?! .. again.. Bob’s your uncle!

04 Sep

This is a website that links you to a collection of “spy equipment”found for sale around the Internet!!

Spy Gadgets

Why do you think I publish such stuff when I’m supposed to fight spying?! 🙄



AT&T rewrites its privacy policy!!

04 Sep

The American telecom giant AT&T… has rewritten its privacy policy recently, and it’s a condition for service to agree on this updated policy!
The new policy says that the customers data storedin AT&Tdatabasesdoesn’t belong to the customers any more!!.. it belongs to AT&T!
Came in the updated policy that AT&T (not customers) owns customers’ confidential information and can use it “to protect its legitimate business interests, safeguard others, or respond to legal process” !!
The policy alsostates that AT&T will track the “viewing habits” of customers of its new video service…!!and BTW,the cable and satellite providers are prohibited from doing that in the U.S.!!

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Well, I think thatthis came out as a result of the “phone-tapping scandal” we all know about in the U.S.
AT&T is trying to “legalise” what it did already!