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Do you believe in the existence of “Truth Serums”?!!

06 Feb

Well, you might change your mind after reading this interesting article published by The Washington Post, press here.
This might be useful too, press

Despite whether you believe in “Truth Serum” or not, what do you think of it (in terms of Information Security)?!



Yes.. The UK RFID passport is cracked!!

06 Feb

Will this be the†”coup de gr‚ce” of UK identification “anti-terrorism” projects!?
Seriously, These projects made a fuss in the UK like no other projects did, and†their deadlines have been extended several times…!
The “national ID” project didn’t get a warm welcome at the first place, I remember how one of the project’s leaders made a confession†in a seminar held at RHUL-ISG†that the home office is struggling to make this project more acceptable…!

The worst scenario would happen if the “Shell” chip-and-pin tragedy replayed with†new players.. The UK†national†ID and†passport!
Read†this article†published on†the Guardian’s website, press

BTW, check out this “official” study conducted by the U.S. government in 2004 on the reliability of the RFID passports, press here.
Shocking, isn’t it?