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Privacy violation toys!

05 Feb

I have talked before about how easy it is to spy or violate other’s privacy using tools that can be found in markets or even in toy shops!
here and here)

Well, it seems that these stuff are emerging and becoming more sophisticated!

I found out recently about a spying “toy” that’s called Spykee!
This toy is basically a robot that is capable of taking pictures and movies that can bewatchedvia the Internet either in real time or later on. You can even talk with whoever you’re spying on via Skype!


This robot would cost around $300, and just imagine how much evil stuff that you can readily do using it!
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BTW, it seems that you can buy any thing via the Internet these days!
Even if you want to buy a camera belonging to the MI6 (the British equivalent of the CIA) which contains “images of al Qaeda suspects, fingerprints, names, rocket launchers, and missiles inside”!
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