Yes.. The UK RFID passport is cracked!!

06 Feb

Will this be the”coup de grce” of UK identification “anti-terrorism” projects!?
Seriously, These projects made a fuss in the UK like no other projects did, andtheir deadlines have been extended several times…!
The “national ID” project didn’t get a warm welcome at the first place, I remember how one of the project’s leaders made a confessionin a seminar held at RHUL-ISGthat the home office is struggling to make this project more acceptable…!

The worst scenario would happen if the “Shell” chip-and-pin tragedy replayed withnew players.. The UKnationalID andpassport!
Readthis articlepublished onthe Guardian’s website, press

BTW, check out this “official” study conducted by the U.S. government in 2004 on the reliability of the RFID passports, press here.
Shocking, isn’t it?



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