Now you can use CardSpace to log-in!

11 Sep

Apologies for the long absence, I suffered some busy and hard-going days!
I’ll be Blogging as frequent as before if not more! 🙂


Good news for the Blog members, now you can use CardSpace to log-in!
CardSpace is one of the most prominent claim-based identity management solutions, and it mitigates the reliance on “passwords” to far extent!
Yeah it belongs to Microsoft.. but it is a quite good solution! :mrgreen:

To use CardSpace, you have to click on the CardSpace logo shown below in the log-in page.
And of course you must possess a CardSpace agent component on your machine (it comes with Vista). If you don’t have it, you can get one freely from Microsoft’s website.

TheBlogaccepts self-issuedcards with email verification.

I believe this Blog is the first Arabic website that adopts CardSpace! 8)


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